How to Become a Software Engineer and Make More Money

30 septembre 2020 Non Par ADMIN

Whether you would like to become a Software Engineer because you dislike your current career or because you want to break into tech, you’re already on the right path. Now, let’s face it, the reason most people want to become a software engineer is because of the salary. 

According to US News, the average salary of a software engineer is currently over $100,000, and the unemployment rate is very low: 1.6. This is the reason why we can position this skill as one of the most lucrative ones in the tech industry. If you would like to know how you can become a software engineer, keep reading. 

You Don’t Need a College Degree.

All career choices are valid and no matter the type of education you receive, you’ll still be able to land a job as a software engineer. Having a bachelor’s degree in computer science will undoubtedly help develop your career as a software developer. 

If you want to go for something shorter, a coding bootcamp is always helpful. Most of them take less than six months and are focused on employment, so it should be guaranteed that you’ll get a job after you graduate. 

Check out  Flatiron School or Springboard. If you’re going to go for a school that stays ahead of the latest tech trends, these two could be the best choices. 

Choose a Coding Language to Learn

Once you’ve decided which career path you’ll take, it is essential to choose the coding language that you’d like to use. You must start with the easiest programming languages so you can get used to the process. 

Coding isn’t hard if you think about it, just like giving commands. However, some programming languages do have another level of complexity. At the beginning of your path as a software engineer, you could start with some of the easiest ones like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails or Python. 

Practice Makes Perfect

The only way to succeed in this career is to become proficient at programming and you’re only going to do this with practice. Real software engineers do this every day, not only because it helps them boost their skills, but also because it is a great way to enhance their portfolio. 

This should be especially vital for you because you’re building a career, and you need to have something to show to recruiters. An excellent way to impress them is by doing your own project and showing it to them. 

This way, they’ll be able to see your skills and may hire you even if your resume lacks experience. If you think about it, talent is more important than resumes today in the tech industry. Companies like Facebook have started to be flexible with their requirements when hiring developers. However, they still have high standards in terms of talent, so always keep learning and practicing new methods. 

Increase Your Revenue as a Software Engineer

Once you land a tech job, you’ll want to start earning even more money eventually and there are a couple of things you can do to make this happen. You should become a lifelong learner in this career to become valuable to your company. This means you should update your skills to match what is in-demand in the industry. 

Below we’ll show you some of the careers that are in-demand these days and could help you earn more money as a software engineer.

Machine Learning Engineer 

Machine learning has become one of the leading trends in the tech market. This discipline is one of the most crucial aspects of automation, along with artificial intelligence. 

Full-Stack Engineer

A full-Stack engineer is a developer that works on both front-end and back-end development. They handle not only the infrastructure, but also the visual aspects of software and websites. 

Mobile Development

Today we do almost everything through our phones and the need for mobile apps has significantly increased over the past few years. That’s the reason why mobile development has become more in-demand. Therefore, the salary of mobile developers is higher than other regular engineers.