What Does ItTake to Pass Microsoft AZ-900 Exam Using Practice Tests? 6 Simple Steps for You to Succeed

13 octobre 2020 Non Par ADMIN

Passing an exam calls for patience, persistence, and commitment. Now that you are an IT professional or want to become one, books and studies may not appeal to you much. However, the truth isthat you have to expand your cognizance and show proof of it. MD-100 Windows 10 – Exam Collection This article highlights how to ace the Microsoft AZ-900 exam effortlessly.

So, how can you do it? Let’s take a look at the recommendations below:

1. Know what the exam involves

The AZ-900 exam, alsocalled as Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, is a basic course forthose individuals who want to learn the first principles of Azure and its services. After passing the test, you will earnthe Microsoft Certified: Author: Joel F Azure Fundamentals certificate. You can take the exam in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, or French.It costs $99 and you will need to apply for it by logging into your account on the Microsoft website. Here are the main skills measured:

  • Core Azure services;
  • Cloud concepts;
  • Privacy, security, trust, and compliance;
  • Author: Percy J
  • Azure pricing, lifecycles, and service-level agreements.

You need to know these details before even starting anything so that you understand what to expect.

2. Set ample time for study

To pass the Microsoft AZ-900 test, you need to give yourself enough time to prepare well, as well as cover all the topics and know all the exam features. 8Jan Having for up to 3 hours dailyfor about two-three weeks canhelp you study for all the competence areas.

3. Choose your resources wisely and practice

There are diverse resources to operate with. For example, Microsoft has a free self-paced course for the interested candidates. It can help them learn as much as they can about the AZ-900 test.The students can also take videocourses from YouTube or LinkedIn,which explain everything through illustrations created by the tutors. It is particularly good for the visual learners. If you prefer to read the recommended textbooks, check them out on the official page. Amazon is an alternative place to purchase these study guides.

Taking practice tests on what you have studied is also an additional way to pass Microsoft AZ-900 with high results. Author: Watson U Theymeasure your readiness levelas well as your ability to score well in the real exam. They also expose your areas of weakness and help you perfect them. You can take these tests several times until you master everything. What is awesome about them is the fact that they are readily available online at a modest cost on various sources.

4. Jot down summary notes

Any time you study, have a notebook nearby. Jot down those points that will prompt you to recall various concepts quickly. In the last few days before the exam, make this notebook your companion. Peruse through it many times until everything sticks.

5. Find a study group

If you work well through discussions, the best you can do is to join the relevant study group. The merits of a study group include the following:

  • Discussing complex concepts from different perspectives;
  • Seeking clarification from those who know better;
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  • Explaining what you know to others as this reinforces what you’ve already learned;
  • Building long-lasting networks.

6. Exude confidence on the exam day

When the D-day arrives, you may not feel confident enough to answer the AZ-900 exam questions. What you need to do is avoid panic and anxiety. Exudeself-confidence to calm your nerve. This will aid you in recalling as much as possible.


These concrete tips offer you enough reasons to pass the Microsoft AZ-900 exam with a lot more than 700 points, which is the minimum passing score. Be keen on your time management as well as your commitment and you will succeed.The Azure knowledge you gain will be important in many IT fields. It lays a strong foundation for more advanced roles that you can pursue in the future. So, as you can see, you don’t have an excuse but go for the test and clear it.